In connection with the President of District Court`s in K. refusal reasoned with personal data protection of disclosure of a list of medical experts appointed by court to Mr X, the latter has lodged with the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection, hereinafter called the Inspector General, a complaint. Pursuant to the current legal state the presidents of law courts are obliged to keep lists of experts appointed by courts containing data in a strictly defined scope. The presidents are also obliged to disclose the aforesaid lists amongst others to the parties of proceedings. Disclosure of the above mentioned list takes place in order to allow the concerned persons to establish the experts in the discipline they are interested in and to contact them.

Because of the above, the Inspector General ordered the President of the District Court in K. to restore the proper legal state by disclosure of the list of experts appointed by court in a proper scope of data to Mr X. Simultaneously, the Inspector General did not grant Mr X`s request concerning disclosure of telephone numbers of the aforesaid experts as the scope of data which should be entered on the list of experts, in which the legislator did not place the expert`s telephone number, has been strictly specified by the law provisions.