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Legal instruments:

The Agency shall decide on the violation of rights guaranteed by the General Data Protection Regulation and the Act on Implementation of General Data Protection Regulation by a ruling.

The ruling of the Agency is an administrative act and no appeal shall be allowed against the ruling of the Agency, but an administrative dispute may be instituted by lodging a complaint before a competent administrative court.

The Agency has the power to impose administrative fines. Administrative fines shall, depending on the circumstances of each individual case, be imposed in addition to, or instead of, measures referred to in points (a) to (h) and (j) of Article 58(2) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

According to the Act on the protection of natural persons relating to processing and exchange of personal data in order to prevent, research, discrimination, or persecution of criminal offenses or execution of criminal sanctions (transposing Directive 2016/681/EU), the Agency has the power to initiate misdemeanor procedure in front of Misdemeanour Court.

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