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Republic of Latvia

National Legal Instruments Concerning Protection of Personal Data

Acts, Regulations, Code of Conducts, Code of Practices and interesting Court Statements concerning Data Protection in Republic of Latvia.
  • The Constitution of the Republic of Latvia (art. 96)

Art. 96
Everyone has the right to inviolability of their private life, home and correspondence.

  • The Act on the Protection of Personal Data of 23rd March 2000 last version from (July, 2002) [www.dvi.gov.lv]
  • Obligatory technical and organizational requirements for protection of personal data processing systems - Regulations No 40 of Republic of Latvia Cabinet of Ministers 30th January, 2001 [www.dvi.gov.lv]
  • Regulations on information system safety - Republic of Latvia Cabinet of Ministries 21st March 2000 Regulations No. 106, Riga (Minutes No. 13 4.) [www.dvi.gov.lv]
  • On the 30th May 2001 the Parliament of Latvia ratified the Convention No 108 and it came into force on the 1st September 2001. Republic of Latvia also hav accepted the amendments of 15th June 1999 allowing the European Communities to accede to this Convention.
  • Statements of Supreme Administrative Court concerning protection of personal data.

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